Product Description

Ultros PETG sheet is a rigid co-polyester material designed for the visual merchandising, retail display and graphic arts markets. Ultros offers excellent printability, toughness, ease of fabrication and strong chemical resistance. Ultros Renu offers many of the same excellent characteristics exhibited by our PETG sheet while containing more than 40% pre-consumer content.

Value Solution

Ultros and Ultros Renu both offer outstanding thermoforming characteristics which provide fabricators with durable, long-lasting parts. Their ability to coldbend without showing any stress-whitening make Ultros and Ultros Renu the ideal choice for retail display cases, among other applications. Our PETG also offers excellent printability, especially for transluscent or clear print jobs. Ultros Renu is certified to contain at least 40% preconsumer content by Scientific Certification Services (SCS). SCS certification allows end-users of Ultros Renu to apply for LEED credits with the U.S. Green Building Council.

Key Characteristics

The primary benefits of Ultros and Ultros Renu PETG are:

  • Excellent chemical resistance – maintains appearance and performance for longer shelf life
  • Die cuts with ease – Easier fabrication
  • Availability in matte one or two side, lenticular, tints and colors
  • Excellent formability – drying not required for forming operations; reduced energy required to form, is fully recyclable (Ultros)

Markets and End-Use Applications

Retail and/or promotional signage

  • Printed signs used for short- or long-term promotion

Non-promotional signage

  • Printed signs used by consumers or businesses

Architectural Design

  • For display units, architectural fixtures and accessories, and light fixtures

Retail Marketing

  • For point-of-purchase (POP) displays, indoor signage, store fixtures and other kiosks

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