Peek Resin, Sheets, Film, Rods and Tubing by Evonik

For both short term and long term use

The biocompatibility of a material determines its basic suitability for implants— VESTAKEEP® materials pass cytotoxicity testing, as well as all other required ISO 10993 requirements. Their outstanding chemical and thermal stability also render the materials’ properties biologically stable. The requirement for the biocompatibility of the finished medical product depends on the type of contact (skin, blood, fat tissue, etc.) as well as the duration of the contact.

VESTAKEEP® PEEK, Evonik is offered in different grades for medical applications, depending on the duration of the body contact. VESTAKEEP® is available as a resin or sheet, film, rod or tube. VESTAKEEP® Care is used for short term contact, while VESTAKEEP® i is used for long term/permanent implant contact.

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