Dear Modern Plastics Employees, Customers and Friends

2020 has proven to be a particularly challenging year for many of us so far to say the least. As our nation deals with a global pandemic, we are now thrust into the global spotlight again as we come to grips with yet another senseless murder of an unarmed black citizen at the hands of the police is caught on video. Our nation is in pain as is evidenced by the peaceful protests going on all over the country, and also the globe. The time is now to come together as one American family.

This is also not the time to be silent on issues that matter to ALL of us. In the past, Modern Plastics has stayed out of conversations surrounding politics and controversial topics, but we must say that we are appalled at what is going on in recent events in Louisville, Georgia, New York and Minneapolis. Those that know me personally, know where my heart is and where my company’s heart is, but I felt it necessary to speak out because this affects each and every one of us. We are all saddened by these recent events. 

At Modern Plastics, our company culture, our hiring practices and community partnerships all reflect our commitment to equity and access for all. From our humble beginnings over 75 years ago, Modern Plastics has been committed to establishing and sustaining an equitable, fair and unbiased company environment and community involvement. Modern Plastics rejects all forms of racism as destructive to our mission, vision, values and goals. There is simply no room for bigotry, hatred or small mindedness in our workforce, our communities and in our nation.

We have a strong faith in our American resilience and know that together we have the fortitude to make it through the toughest times as well as the toughest conversations and that we will come out on the other side, stronger and more united than ever before. 

We pray for the family of George Floyd, we support the Black Lives Matter movement, and we pray for our Nation to heal. In that spirit, we at Modern Plastics will recommit ourselves to our shared values of diversity and inclusion. 

I join those other business leaders from around the country today, that are speaking out, to have these conversations with their teams, their clients and their loved ones. We will get through this together.



Bing Carbone