by Bing Carbone

Since 1951, Westlake Plastics has been operating out of the Pennsylvania valley area supplying high-quality products and services to companies throughout the U.S. They have since expanded their operations to encompass state-of-the-art extrusion and compression molding techniques that create only the best-quality stock shapes from their resin suppliers.

Like Modern Plastics, they share our dedication to transparent practices that enforce rigorous quality control. All of their products intended for use by the medical industry are USP Class 6 and FDA regulatory compliant. They also participate in ISO-9001 certification to abide by objective, reproducible quality control standards that update according to the latest best practices.

Modern Plastics is proud to call Westlake Plastics a frequent business partner for the value they add to their products and the example they set as a company that goes above and beyond typical standards.

Westlake Plastics Overview

Westlake Plastics began in 1951 as a plastic component fabrication operation. They call the same area of Pennsylvania home that was embroiled in conflict during the Revolutionary War. Using this historical setting as a beacon, Westlake embraces the “same sense of history and reverence for past challenges” that George Washington’s army displayed after their defeat at the Battle of Brandywine.

Around 2010, Westlake Plastics began acquiring peripheral companies to offer a fuller range of products and services. Lenni extrusion and Mayfield compression molding facilities were brought under their control to employ only the most cutting edge processes when delivering products to their clients.

This dedication to advancement has propelled Westlake Plastics to the forefront of their industry when it comes to supplying high-quality, high-strength products to various industries. Electronics, aviation, industrial manufacturing, medicine and many other fields call upon Westlake Plastics on a regular basis to provide them with stock shapes in only the toughest and most reliable polymers on the market.

Product Lines

Westlake Plastics offers a huge product line because of their ability to take countless resins and transform them into top-quality stock shapes. Their compression molded products like Absylux have exemplary strength and chemical resistance. Engineering firms rely upon the product for prototypes and production machine components. Many facilities employ such products during food processing as a result of Westlake Plastics’ FDA compliance.

Industries that have a need for materials that withstand extreme conditions frequently turn to Westlake Plastics to create stock shapes for them. Propylux HS is one such product, and it exhibits high resistance to acid exposure and repeated autoclave sterilization. Propylux is also simple to machine, making it perfect for orthopedic applications and other clinical lab uses.

Other products Westlake Plastics creates have properties that include high levels of static control and temperature resistance. These products are often used in the semiconductor industry to help form stable components of hard disk drives, integrated circuits and processors.

Modern Plastics distributes a wide range of Westlake Plastics products, and we also offer additional fabrication services for customers who want a more finalized end component or product. We can also help with prototyping for determining the Westlake Plastics resin and shape that best meets your needs.

Contact us to begin the process of finding the Westlake Plastics product that pushes your project or product line to the next level.