Bayer Material Science is now called PLASKOLITE

(BAYER) Sheffield Plastics Polycarbonate Sheet Products

Modern Plastics is a key distributor for Sheffield Plastics and their line of polycarbonate sheet materials. Sheffield’s Products are available for your toughest applications. Manufactured to perform, impact protection, energy and cost efficiency, and design latitude are proof that Tuffak Polycarbonate Sheet products are clearly the right choice.

Tuffak® Monolithic Polycarbonate Sheet

Tuffak® monolithic polycarbonate sheet products are used in a variety of markets, which include Architectural, OEM, Industrial, Security, Transportation, Recreation and Sign applications. This family of products covers a wide array of applications and is backed by industry leading warranties. Tuffak® monolithic sheet products provide unsurpassed quality and performance.

Hygard Laminated Polycarbonate Sheet

Hygard laminated polycarbonate sheet products were developed to meet UL 752 Level I, II, III, and VI for Ballistics and HP White TP0500 level I, II, IV and V for attack. Hygard laminated polycarbonate sheet offers excellent strength to weight ratios and is ideally suited for transparent glazing in the Architectural, Security and Forestry Glazing markets. Hygard products either meet or exceed the performance of competitive products and are backed by industry-leading warranties.

Tuffak® Multiwall UV Sheet

Tuffak® Multiwall UV is a family of sheet products that offer substantial design freedom combined with high insulation properties. Along with the superior impact strength of Tuffak® polycarbonate, these corrugated or ribbed sheet geometries are designed to provide excellent stiffness, and good natural light characteristics for Architectural glazing applications. Tuffak® Multiwall UV sheet products are weather- and hail-resistant, and are backed by comprehensive performance warranties.

Bayblend® MTR (Mass Transportation Rail)

Bayblend® MTR sheet is an opaque, flame retardant PC blended product. It offers a unique combination of flammability characteristics, robust mechanical properties, and ease of fabrication. Bayblend® MTR complies with the flammability and smoke emission requirements for transit materials established by the US Federal Railroad Administration, listed in DOT: 49 CFR 238, Appendix B, and meets the criteria in the Bombardier Transportation Standard SMP 800-C for Toxic Gas Generation.