Westlake Plastics

Modern Plastics is an elite distributor for all Westlake Plastics Materials.

Westlake Plastics Company is a leading manufacturer in extrusion and compression molding technologies for high performance thermoplastics. Westlake Plastics are able to convert their full range of thermoplastic resins into stock shapes and film.

Westlake Plastics is a world leader in extrusion and compression molding technologies of High Performance and Medical thermoplastics. Their advanced technologies allow the conversion of a full range of thermoplastics into stock shapes and film.

An early leader of the movement to the use of thermoplastics into the life sciences Westlake Plastics continues to offer and expand a full line of USP Class 6 and FDA regulatory compliant products. Similarly Westlake offers an Industrial product line of rod, slab film and sheet products that have been a workhorse of the semi-conductor, chemical process, military and aerospace industries.

As an ISO-9001 registered company Westlake prides itself on a long history of providing high quality product to the stock shape marketplace. They continue to improve its ISO quality management process which is the core template of how they manage all aspects of our business. Modern Plastics is proud of its long-term relationship with Westlake Plastics and to distribute their exceptional line of quality high-performance plastic materials.

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