Polycast Acrylic Sheet

PolyOne’s Polycast Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet Division

The Polycast Division of PolyOne arguably produces the worlds finest quality cell-cast acrylic sheet in the world!

It’s why it is specified in by major companies throughout the globe, especially for critical applications like medical and aerospace where machinability, clarity, ease of fabrication and crystal clear edge polishing is required.

These are not mere words…it’s backed up by product data and customers worldwide with the most quality-critical requirements.

Custom Acrylic Fabrication from Modern Plastics

Modern Plastics is a large stocking distributor of Polycast Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet materials and has the ability to produce cut-to-size blocks or fabricate the acrylic into high-quality custom designed products.

Available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, tolerances, and colors, and customizable to your specific requirements, Polycast solutions are a go-to source for aerospace, transportation, security, optics, displays, aquarium tanks, arts and crafts and medical devices industries.

The Polycast material has many unique physical properties and performance characteristics.

  • weighs half as much as Optical Glass
  • equal to it in clarity to Optical Glass
  • 17 times more impact resistant.
  • as easy to work with as wood
  • it forms into endless, useful and functional shapes
  • is resistant to chemicals and industrial fumes
  • remains stable under sustained exposure to the elements

Sheets come in over 250 colors, in thicknesses from .030″ to 4.25′ and can transmit ultraviolet light or filter it out, as required.

Aircraft manufacturers use Polycast sheet in jets and helicopters. Bullet-resisting Polycast sheet helps solve security problems for banks and stores.

Because of its light and energy transmission properties, architects find Polycast ideal for skylights, sunscreens, fascia panels and dome structures.

The polycast material is a favorite medium for furniture designers and sculptors. Retailers show off their merchandise in displays made from Polycast sheet, while signs made from Polycast sheet light up the nation.

Its impact resistance makes Polycast sheet an outstanding glazing material. Used in home furnishings, chair mats, lighting fixtures, safety equipment, decorating panels, office partitions and appliances of all kinds. The do-it-yourself hobbyist loves it.

A partial glimpse of some of the Acrylic products;

  • Clear Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet
  • Bullet Resistant Sheet
  • Ultraviolet Transmitting Sheet
  • Ultraviolet Filtering Sheet
  • Infrared Transmitting Sheet
  • Scintillating and Wavelength Sheet
  • Extra thick sheet
  • FDA approved sheet
  • Military Specified Sheet (MIL P-5425, MIL P-8184 and MIL P-25690
  • Polycast Filament
  • Polycast Drain
  • Polycast Insulator

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