KYDEX® V Thermoplastic Sheet by Sekisui KYDEX® V Thermoplastic Sheet by Sekisui is a recycled grade of a proprietary thermoplastic sheet that is cost competitive with other grades of thermoplastic sheet while offering improved performance. General Information KYDEX® V is particularly well suited for hidden or painted parts since it has some degress of...Read More


Introduction KYDEX® V103 sheet is a recycled grade of a proprietary thermoplastic sheet that is cost competitive with other grades of thermoplastic sheet while offering improved performance. General Information KYDEX® V103 is Underwriters Laboratories, Inc® recognized Std 94 V-0, 5V. It has thermoforming cycle times equivalent to FR-ABS. Suggested Applications Equipment Housings Exhibits and...Read More


KYDEX® XD Thermoplastic Sheet by Sekisui Introduction KYDEX® XD is a thermoplastic 3D laminate giving designers the ability to incorporate compound corners, logos, and wire management holes while eliminating unsightly seams and the need for edgebanding typically associated with HPL / TFM surfaces. Its integral color and superior impact resistance minimizes costly...Read More


KYDEX® XD03 Sheet By SEKISUI Introduction KYDEX® XD03 sheet is a proprietary, high performance thermoplastic sheet specifically formulated to meet aesthetic effect for the design needs of the building and retail interiors industry. Integrally pearlescent, this sheet is perfect for use with LED lighting or on its own. General Information KYDEX® XD03: (XD),...Read More


An Introduction to KYDEX® XDWG Sheet KYDEX® XDWG sheet is a decorative wood grain thermoplastic 3D laminate giving designers the ability to incorporate compound corners, logos, and wire management holes while eliminating unsightly seams and the need for edgebanding typically associated with HPL/TFM surfaces. Its integral colour and high impact resistance...Read More

Kynar 740

Kynar® 740, an engineering thermoplastic that offers the stable characteristics of a fluoropolymer, as well as mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and high purity. Kynar® 740 PVDF sheets & rods also offer excellent chemical resistance, UV radiation resistance and low permeability. PVDF can be used in the semiconductor, pulp and paper,...Read More


Lexan® Polycarbonate Sheet The toughest glazing material on the market! Modern Plastics is one of the largest distributors of Lexan polycarbonate sheets. Our company motto is "Whatever it takes" to keep you happy and satisfied with our service and products. All Lexan® polycarbonate sheet products are warranted against breakage for...Read More

Lexan™ MR10 Sheet

Distributed by Modern Plastics, Lexan™ MR10 sheet has exclusive abrasion-resistant MARGARD™ II coating, which provides a high level of resistance to abrasion and defies graffiti, on both sides to help ensure a "like-new" appearance for many years to come. MARGARD II coating now incorporates enhanced UV protection to protect the...Read More


Macrolux® Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

Macrolux® Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet from Modern Plastics is a co-extruded thermoglazing available in Twin, Triple, Four, Five and M-wall configurations. Macrolux® is the perfect material for applications requiring high light transmission, thermal insulation, light in weight yet strong, high shock resistance, flame retardant, great economy, vandal and wind resistant, and design/flexibility....Read More

Makrolon 15

Extended Abrasion and UV resistance Makrolon® 15 sheet is a polycarbonate product that offers high impact resistance, weathering life, and optical quality. It provides a clear aesthetic advantage over wire glass and metal screens for security glazing. Makrolon 15 withstands vandalism, forced entry attempts, and accidental impacts to minimize the...Read More

Makrolon AR

Makrolon® AR abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet offers higher abrasion resistance and surface hardness to polycarbonate's inherent performance benefits of impact, strength and clarity. Backed by a limited seven year warranty against breakage and loss of light transmission, Makrolon® AR abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet features a proprietary hardcoat technology that offers...Read More

Makrolon DX-NR

Makrolon DX-NR is a translucent polycarbonate product specifically designed for use as a lighting lens in outdoor applications. The advanced UV resistance technology provides long lasting weathering performance and the non-reflective texture built into the UV resistant side of the sheet, enhances its aesthetics. When compared to other light diffusing...Read More

Makrolon FC

Makrolon FC is a transparent polycarbonate sheet that has a formable coating on both sides. This abrasion resistant product can be cold formed or drape formed to mild radii and is suitable for exterior applications. Makrolon FC has excellent resistance to damage from windborne debris and has outstanding impact strength....Read More

Makrolon FD

MAKROLON® FD polycarbonate sheet complies with FDA requirements for food contact. This non-UV stable sheet offers excellent optical clarity, good heat resistance, and high impact strength. MAKROLON FD polycarbonate sheet is covered by a five year warranty against breakage. Applications include food processing equipment guards, bulk food bins, candy molds,...Read More

Makrolon FI

MAKROLON® FI Polycarbonate Sheet meets UL 94 V-0 at .060" and UL 94 5V-A at .125" thicknesses. This non UV stable product also conforms to FAR 25.853 paragraph a & b. Applications include switchgear covers, electrical devices, thermoformed equipment housings, and other current-carrying and interior aircraft components.

Makrolon GP

MAKROLON® GP general purpose polycarbonate sheet is a polished surface, UV stabilized polycarbonate product for use in glazing and industrial applications, and features outstanding impact strength and superior dimensional stability. MAKROLON® GP polycarbonate sheet's five year warranty against breakage make it cost effective in a wide range of industrial glazing,...Read More

Makrolon HV

Makrolon® HV sheet is a hard coated polycarbonate product designed for applications that demand high optics and durability. State of the art manufacturing and inspection processes support low optical distortion. The high impact strength of Makrolon HV polycarbonate provides a level of safety and the advanced hard coat technology offers...Read More

Makrolon IR

Makrolon® IR is a polycarbonate sheet product developed to meet ANSI Z87.1, EN 169, and CSA Z94.3 standards for face shield applications. Proprietary additive systems block UV and IR light providingprotection during gas flame welding and cutting operations and meeting the requirements for welding shades 3 and 5. Polycarbonate's toughness...Read More

Makrolon LD

Makrolon® LD sheet is a highly UV stable polycarbonate product designed to provide superior light diffusion characteristics while maintaining high light transmission. The proprietary diffuser technology eliminates visible hot spots from pinpoint LED lights in typical flat and formed sign applications. The sheet is easy to form, fabricate and decorate...Read More

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